History of the Blue Crab Served at North Beach Fish Camp

The best seafood restaurants all have certain dishes that they are known for. This is exemplified with what is done with the blue crab at the North Beach Fish Camp in Neptune Beach, Florida. The blue crab has been a stable among seafood lovers for years now and continues to be one of the tastier seafood options on any menu.

A Little History

There is a lot of history behind those delicious blue crab cakes you eat at the North Beach Fish Camp. There are many different types of bleu crabs. One of the more common types in the Florida area is the callinectes sapidus. This type of crab lives in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as well as the western part of the Atlantic Ocean.

This type of blue crab are predators of other sea creatures. They consume things such as eels, bass, trout, as well as other fish. The way in which these crabs mate is quite unique. Each female blue crab mates only once in their life. In that one instance though, a single female can produce up to 8,000,000 eggs.

The Importance of Fishiness and Quality

Consuming blue crab meat in a blue crab cake that has been sitting in the freezer for a few weeks is not going to taste that great. The best restaurants that prepare blue crab and other types of seafood have the ability to buy from supplies that are local. This allows them to get the freshest and most local products possible for their meals. The end result of this is that you end up withs seafood meat in the form of crab, or whatever other type of seafood that you are eating, that is going to be packed full of taste.

Menu Creativity

The creativity of any menu is going to dictate just how good the dishes are and what can give the restaurant a differentiating factor. The North Beach Fish Camp has a menu that is full of different flairs of creativity from their chefs. You get a good mix of what you can consider to be traditional seafood, while also trying to get some innovative dishes that are going to allow the restaurant to set their meals apart from others in the area. Any restaurant can fry up a piece of fish and serve it with french fries. The little extras that are done to spice that up are what can make a difference.

The blue crab has a lot of history and unique traits. This is similar to a description of the North Beach Fish Camp. The restaurant has built a history for itself in Neptune Beach, Florida that has allowed it to carve out a niche is real success. Serving up fresh and local blue crab cakes and other innovative dishes are what set it apart from other restaurants in the area. Creativity in the menu and the presentation of any dish can really drive home its quality and its true level of taste it brings.

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