How to Enjoy Coastal Living at North Beach Fish Camp

Coastal living is something that is sought after by so many people across the country. Whether you are a visitor or a local of the Neptune Beach area, there is no doubt that a trip to the North Beach Fish Camp can give you a taste of what coastal living is all about. Coastal living revolves around a few key things. This includes the scenery, the ability to enjoy some great food, and be encompassed in an absolutely electric atmosphere.

Great Scenery

The scenery of the North Beach Fish Camp starts things off in terms of showing people what coastal living is all about. The restaurant is located just a minute or two of a walk from Neptune Beach. This makes for a feeling of complete freedom when you dine at this establishment. The clear and crisp salt air coming off of the Atlantic Ocean is going to relax your senses and allow you to indulge in some of the best food and drinks that the area has to offer.

Better Food

Building off of the great scenery is the very creative menu that is served up daily at the restaurant. The restaurant makes a point of using local suppliers os that they can have the freshest poultry and seafood for their guests. This gives the restaurant a true coastal vibe as you are not eating fish that was caught thousands of miles way, frozen, and shipped over to your plate. The food that is served at the North Beach Fish Camp is all about giving you that unique Neptune Beach feel and vibe. Coastal living breathes through creativity and that is exactly what is served up with the different dishes. Conch fritters and blue crab cakes are some of the favorites of certain guests.

A Lively Atmosphere

The atmosphere of being on the coast also gives people that great coastal living experience. There is nothing that can really replicate the feeling of being able to hang out in a beach community. There is a real sense of relaxation and positive vibes that come across every corner of the town. Coastal living is all about being able to feel that sense of freedom. You do not have to be bothered quite as much about small stresses in life that may come about. The idea is to allow yourself to let loose and set your body free from both a mental and physical standpoint.

Coastal living is a great thing to experience. Whether you want to live it permanently or for just a short period of time as a visitor, taking it all in at Neptune Beach is something you will never forget. Everyone is smiling and there is a real sense of family in the air at all times. This is exemplified by the setting of the North Beach Fish Camp, as the salt air calms the atmosphere and drives home the tremendous tastes that stem from all of the seafood dishes at this great establishment.

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