North Beach Fish Camp, Making Guests Feel Like Family

The North Beach Fish Camp has been working for years now to make every guest that comes into the restaurant feel like a part of their family. The idea and goal of the restaurant is pretty simple; have every guest enter with a smile, and leave with an even bigger smile. This is exactly what is strived for at this restaurant that is located just a few minutes from the sand of Neptune Beach. The family feel starts with the food, continues to the staff, and becomes infectious throughout the establishment.

Excellent Food

Many people do not feel as though going out to a restaurant is the same as having a home family meal. On the contrary, the local dishes of the North Beach Fish Camp are able to drive home that family environment and atmosphere. The local inspired dishes such as the conch fritters are going to make you feel like you are in the right place and put a smile to your face with every bite you have of your food of choice.

Tremendous and Knowledgable Staff

The family environment is further driven home thanks to the staff. The staff are as knowledgeable about the food at the restaurant as you would be about the food in your own fridge and pantry. The staff are going to be able to have a discussion with you about the food dishes that are on the menu, the tastes of each, and also make recommendations. Once you have been there a time or two, you are going to begin to get remembered by the waitresses and waiters in the North Beach Fish Camp. Learning these great men and women is going to further enhance your level of comfort that you have in the establishment.

The Neighborhood Vibe

The vibe of the North Beach Fish Camp is what puts the cap on that family feel in the restaurant. The neighborhood vibe starts with the mood that is set by the owners. From there, it translates down to the entire staff. IT is felt in the restaurant lighting, the location right on Neptune Beach, decorations, and everything in-between. The idea is to make it local and comfortable, while still being fancy enough to let you know you are having a finely crafted meal from an innovative and creative chef.

The family environment of this restaurant is going to really make you feel great from when you walk in to when you leave. The guests that come to this restaurant are all about having a great time. This is exemplified by the laughter and smiles that enter and exit here every day. The presentation of the restaurant and help that the staff will give you will make you feel special and well-treated. Coastal living is all about being together as one. This is exactly what is driven home at this restaurant that is just a few minute walk to the sand from its doorstep. The North Beach Fish Camp is one destination that Neptune Beach goers can be proud of.

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