Understanding What Quality Seafood is All About

Many restaurant fans love seafood, but do not truly understand what quality seafood is all about. We typically measure seafood by how it tastes on our plate and how much it fills us up. Quality seafood is more than this though. Things such as the freshness of the seafood are going to help preserve its natural nutrients and flavors. The meal preparation, as well, should not take away from the main seafood dish.

The Fresh Factor

Quality seafood starts and ends with how fresh the seafood is to begin with. If you are eating a piece of fish that has been in a freezer for a month or two, you are most likely going to know it. Comparing a piece of fish such as this to a fresh piece of fish, prepared in the same way, is going to taste very different. The best restaurants will have local suppliers who catch the fish right off of the coast to get it to the restaurant. The turnaround time from when the fish is caught to when it hits your plate should be very quick in order to give you the highest quality seafood.

Preserving Natural Nutrients and Flavors

Seafood that is never frozen and is cooked fresh from the sea is going to maintain its natural nutrients and flavors. When a piece of fish is frozen, many of its great nutrients and tastes can get lost. This requires a chef to try and enhance the taste with spices and additives, taking away from the health factor of the meal. Fish and other seafood can be very healthy for you, when prepared in a fresh manner. You want quality seafood because it is better for you and ultimately, is going to be far tastier than frozen fish.

Proper Cooking and Meal Preparation

Chefs want to be extremely creative with their meal preparation, especially with seafood. The fried fish or clams plates are great, but they are largely overdone. In order for chefs to properly create and prepare a meal, though, they need quality ingredients to do so. Fresh fish or clams is going to give chefs the ability to be inventive, but not overdue it with how they prepare your meal. This means relying on the natural taste of the seafood and not having to go overboard loading it up with salt and pepper to bring back its original flavors and juices.

Quality seafood plus chefs that know how to prepare it equates to fresh, healthy, and better tasting meals, bottom line. As a seafood fan, you should demand to seek out the best restaurants that bring this type of food to your palette. Your taste buds, once you truly try out quality seafood, are going to be able to tell the difference once you know what it is all about. The sad part is, that seafood restaurant chain you thought was great may pale in comparison to a local seafood restaurant that serves up meals right from the sea.

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