Why the Best Seafood Comes from Local Fishermen

Seafood is a favorite among restaurant fans. Quality seafood can often be very hard to come by. This is due to the fact that many restaurants will buy their seafood from suppliers that are anything but local. This means seafood are shipped in from suppliers around the world, restricting you from getting the freshest and highest quality seafood possible. Simply put, the best seafood comes from the local seas and fishermen.

It is All About Freshness

Everything in terms of seafood quality comes down to how fresh it is. Restaurants that invest in local fishermen are going to do wonders to improve upon every meal that is served in their establishment. So what exactly makes local seafood so much better than buying from a national supplier?

The easy way to think about this is in terms of time. The shorter the time between the seafood being caught to being prepared and put on your plate, the fresher it is going to ultimately be. Local fishermen could make a catch that morning and it could, in theory, end up cooked on your plate later in the day. That is the ultimate testament to what makes fish fresh, when it can be caught and eaten in the same day.

The suppliers of seafood who are anything but local cannot accomplish this type of quick turnaround time. The fish from these suppliers are caught, frozen, and then shipped to their restaurant destination. They are then defrosted and prepared for your meal.

How Can You Tell the Difference

Your taste buds do not lie with seafood. If you were to eat two pieces of fish that were prepared exactly the same way, you could tell which was frozen before and which is truly fresh in a second. Fresh seafood is going to retain a lot of its natural flavors and nutrients. This is because that is not lost in the deep freeze process that preserves the seafood over the long haul.

Giving Back to the Local Marketplace

Restaurants who care about their local marketplace are going to want to give back in any way that they can. This is also accomplished by using local fishermen. When supplying your restaurant with local seafood, you are going to be feeding the same economy that you are looking to benefit and grow from. Local fishermen are going to be able to grow their own business while helping the restaurant succeed at the same time.

Local seafood that is used to supply a restaurant with ingredients for their dishes is superior to any other option. It gives the food more taste due to the shorter turnaround time from being caught to making it to your plate. It also provide your food with added natural nutrients. Finally, it is a greta way to give back to the market that the restaurant is looking to prosper off of. Simply put, visiting a restaurant that serves seafood from local fishermen is going to provide you with the most authentic and rewarding seafood experience possible.

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