How a Restaurant Can Make You Feel like Family

Some restaurants just have a knack for doing the little extras that truly make you feel like part of their family.  These are the restaurants which you want to go back and visit frequently for a night out with friends, family, loved ones, and so on.  So how can a restaurant go that extra mile?  How can they truly make you feel like family?  Let’s take a look.

Learning Your Name

This may seem like the most basic thing in the world, but do fellow family members call you sir or miss?  Do they refer to you as Mr. Smith when the meal is over because they read it on your credit card?  That typically is not the way that families operate or communicate with one another.  One of the first things that restaurants can do to make you feel like family is to learn your first name.  This is going to start with the hostess, continue to the waiter and/or waitress, and so on.

More Social Conversations, Genuine Interest

Restaurant goers typically want to feel more included than just being guests that are being served.  So how does a restaurant accomplish this?  This is accomplished by showing genuine interest in every guest that walks through the door.  Waiters and/or waitresses that spend time to have a social conversation with guests are going to allow them to really connect.  This connection is going to create that more family oriented feeling.  This is the same feeling that you get sitting around the dinner table at night with your children and spouse.

Setting an Atmosphere for Fun and Excitement

The atmosphere is a restaurant is also going to be a main driver behind whether or not you feel included there.  Inclusion is what gives that sense of family, that neighborhood vibe and togetherness.  The atmosphere of a restaurant that wants a family environment should be that of a casual and free-flowing atmosphere.  It should promote fun conversations, laughter, smiles, and everyone getting together to have a great day or night out.  Restaurant atmosphere typically starts with the owners, but is ultimately driven home to the guests by the staff, especially the waiters and waitresses.

Social Food and Meal Variations

Some food is better eaten in a social atmosphere than others.  This is especially the case for seafood that comes in the form of some great shareable appetizers.  Restaurants with these types of shareable dishes will further promote that family sense of togetherness.  Social food can come in many varieties, but the general trend is that it should be delicious and unique, yet common enough that it can be enjoyed by the majority.

What it all boils down to with restaurants that want a family atmosphere is connecting with the guests.  Learning their names, talking to them, and doing so in an atmosphere and with food that is going to allow everyone to relax and open up.  These types of positive vibes are what make guests at certain restaurants around the world truly feel like family.

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