3 Ideas to Plan a Special Wedding Proposal at a Coastal Dining Restaurant

Planning an engagement proposal is one of the most fun, yet stressful things that you will do in your entire life.  The whole idea of an engagement proposal brings about stress right off the bat.  You are likely thinking about a proposal because you feel as though you have found that perfect person to spend your life with.  To make the moment one that is going to be remembered forever, though, you want to do something very unique and special.  Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help plan a special engagement proposal at a coastal dining restaurant.

Propose Under the Stars with the Fresh Salt Air

Taking advantage of a coastal dining restaurant, one that is just off of the beach, is a great option to go for when planning an engagement proposal.  One idea to take advantage of this is to wait until after the meal, and propose under the stars.  You will be able to have the beach and the ocean right nearby, with the fresh smell of the salt air sweeping through to provide a true sense of rest and relaxation.  The comforting vibe is one that can truly allow you set a great tone for the proposal ahead.

Work With the Restaurant on a Unique Plan

Restaurants are going to be willing to work with you if you want to plan a proposal there.  This is especially the case if you are going to be proposing at one that takes great pride in their guests, like North Beach Fish Camp.  See what ideas that the restaurant has.  One idea that could be used is to order an appetizer, and have the restaurant write, “Will you marry me?” on the plate in frosting.  When the waiter or waitress brings out the fake appetizer, the plate will have the question there right to spark surprise and happiness.

Involve the Families

Involving your family and her family is a great way to make the engagement proposal that much more special.  If a restaurant can help you set it up, reserve a slew of tables so that when you arrive at the restaurant, both families are already there and sitting.  This is when you can pop the question right in front of everyone.  Sharing a moment like this with both of your families will create an image and memory that will never be forgotten.

Deciding that you want to propose to the person you love is a big decision to make, one of the biggest you will make in your entire life.  Planning out how you want the proposal to be made, though, should be fun.  You want to make it as stress-free as possible.  Collect as many ideas as you can and go into it comfortable and free.  Deciding you want to go through with the proposal is the hard part, coming up with an idea and executing on the idea should be fun and extremely memorable.

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