Why Seafood Should Be A Big Part of Your Diet

Diet is everything when it comes to our health and our overall wellness. We do our best to try and avoid things such as excessive red meats, lots of fatty fried foods, and so on. One of the best things that you can do for your diet, outside of keeping it balanced, is to incorporate good things into it. When you are talking about adding good things to your diet on a daily basis, this should start with seafood. One of the best Jacksonville seafood restaurants that you can start your new, healthy diet at is North Beach Fish Camp.


Why is Fish So Healthy?


So why is it that fish is just so healthy for us? It starts out with the fact that fish is a high-protein food that also happens to be very low in fat. When you think about the combination of those two things, it is pretty much a given as to why seafood is seen as healthy. This is not just for fish, but is also the case for crabs, lobster, mussels, clams, and any other seafood that you may end up consuming.


When you are talking about Jacksonville seafood restaurants, you have to think about the range of health benefits that many of the meals provide. Consuming fish is going to allow you to get the protein that you need while avoiding the fat that goes along with many other types of animal proteins.  his compares to something such as red meat that can be full of a lot more fat than fish is.


All About the Omega-3s


There is a misunderstanding in terms of what is good for you and what is not when you are talking about a diet. You immediately think of something such as the word oil and you think bad things. This is not the case. When you think of oil, you should think of good oils such as fish oils or omega-3s. These are the oils that are going to help you live the long and healthy life that you are looking for.


Seafood is loaded with what is known as omega-3 fatty acids AKA the “good” fats that are going to help your body. Your body needs fuel not only to keep functioning on a daily basis, but also to help you maintain your weight or to actually lose weight. The human body struggles on its own in terms of being able to produce these “good” fats or omega-3 fatty acids. We need to fuel our body with these “good” fats so that they can work for us.


Seafood should be a big part of your diet simply because they are going to give your body the nutrients that it needs. When you fuel your body with these nutrients then they are going to work for you and in your favor. Thinking about how seafood compares to red meats and foods, they are low in what is known as “bad” fats. These “bad” fats or omega-6 fatty acids are what is going to clog arteries and cause obesity. When you are eating at one of the many Jacksonville seafood restaurants and the fresh seafood being served, this is not the case.


Helping Your Body


The “good” fats that you get from seafood are going to provide your body with a great deal of benefits. They are going to help your cardiovascular health to regulate blood clotting, prenatal and postnatal health in terms of neurological development, arthritis, and more.
Seafood should be and is a major part of the diet of so many people in the Jacksonville, FL area. We at the North Beach Fish Camp strive to serve up the freshest fish possible to give our guests a nutritious meal blasting with flavor. Make fish a part of your diet and visit one of the best Jacksonville seafood restaurants – North Beach Fish Camp.

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