The Health Benefits of Seafood

We all spend a great deal of time and energy trying to live happy and healthy lives. In order to live in a state of positive wellness, it requires you to get your mind and body in a place where you are comfortable, where you are accepting of your current state in the world. It requires exercise, and most importantly, it requires you to eat well. One of the best foods that you can eat out there is none other than seafood. The fish we serve up at the North Beach Fish Camp is no different. When you include seafood as a part of your diet, you are going to be doing a lot of good for yourself.


The health benefits of seafood are quite widespread once you start to read up a bit more into them. In all of the different ways that seafood helps your health, it all equals and leads to a state of wellness that is far higher than a diet without seafood. It does not take much to get the benefits of seafood. All you really have to do is to get seafood into your diet about once per week. If you can get seafood into a weekly diet, you are going to be in a position where you are going to experience the health benefits in the short and the long-term in how they will help yourself mentally and physically.


The Secret of Omega-3


We all want the best heart health that we can get. When we take care of our hearts, it is going to lead to a more positive state of health across the board for the rest of your body. One thing about all types of seafood is that they all contain what is known as Omega-3. This is a very important fatty acid that can help with heart health a great deal. You could be eating crab, squid, octopus, any type of fish and they are all going to contain this Omega-3 fatty acid.


There have been countless studies conducted that will detail out exactly why the Omega-3 fatty acids are so good for you. Without getting into all of the nitty gritty details, what you need to know is that it is going to help your heart health from day one. You will not have to take any fish oil supplements as long as you work seafood into your diet, whether that is by visiting us at the North Beach Fish Camp or cooking at home.


Cholesterol Factor


While it is true that fish contains cholesterol, it is not the type that is going to be damaging to your body. Typically when you hear the word cholesterol, you think bad things like saturated fat. This is the type of bad cholesterol that you are going to find when you eat cheese, red meats, and so on. When you eat fish you are getting cholesterol, but it is more of the good kind of cholesterol that is actually going to help your body. Fish is not going to do damage to your bad cholesterol levels as long as you are not over-eating fried seafood.


Fresh Fish is Always Better


One thing to note about trying to enjoy these health benefits of seafood is that fresh fish is always better. We at North Beach Fish Camp take a great deal of pride in preparing only the freshest seafood available from local fishermen and women. When you consume a great deal of frozen fish what you are going to get is a lot of lost vitamins and nutrients. You will also more than likely get more sodium in your diet as a result of the fish having to be preserved from the freezing experience.
The North Beach Fish Camp is here to help you get your seafood fix on a weekly basis. We have guests that come in all of the time to enjoy the great dishes that we serve, whether it be a piece of fish, crab, or something else. The health benefits of seafood are widespread and you should try working seafood into your diet once every week so that you can enjoy the great tastes and help your health as well.

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