5 News Years Resolutions You Can Achieve at North Beach

One of the most common things that goes along with the new year is that of new year’s resolutions. We see these come out every single time that the calendar changes and that could not be more accurate this year. The thing with new year’s resolutions, though, is that they are often very hard to keep. Some of the more common goals, such as going to a gym, may seem easy for the first week or so, but then they get that much harder. It is best to have new year’s resolutions that are a bit more achievable, as well as enjoyable. That is where North Beach Fish Camp comes into play. We can help you make your new year’s resolutions a reality, rather than just a dream you think up on December 31st and forget about a day later.  


New year’s resolutions should focus on the fun things in life, the things that make you feel good, make you feel love, make you feel healthy, among other things. It is about making time for your significant other, focusing on relaxing, treating your body better, stepping outside that comfort zone. New year’s resolutions are an opportunity to challenge yourself and we at North Beach Fish Camp can help you in all of these areas.


Make Date Night Priority


When is the last time that you and your significant other had a real date night? Has it been a few months? Maybe even a few years for some of the longer-married couples out there? The great thing about a date night is that it is a chance to get out for a night and completely focus on one another. It is time that is set aside where nothing else matters. You are sitting there at the North Beach Fish Camp, at a perfect little table for two, enjoying drinks, a classic meal, and each other’s company. Making this a new year’s resolution is easy when you have a restaurant like ours you can visit.




The on-the-go lifestyle that so many of us live is pretty ridiculous to say the least. It is important that you try and unwind as much as possible. When you set relaxation as your new year’s resolution, have a plan to achieve that. It could mean visiting us at North Beach Fish Camp for some appetizers, drinks, and a chance to enjoy the view in our laid back atmosphere. That really is what it is all about, putting your brain in vacation mode, even for just a few hours.


Eat Healthier


Eating healthier is one of the more common new year’s resolutions. That usually means crossing eating out off of the to do list on a weekly basis though. That is not the case with North Beach Fish Camp. We serve up some of the healthiest seafood around and if something on our menu needs to be tweaked to assist your diet, ask away and we can accommodate. Eating healthier is all about choosing the right proteins and you cannot do much better than fish, scallops, among others.


Try Something New


Stepping outside of your comfort zone at a restaurant can always be a challenge, but is something that can be quite fun as well when you have an open mind. Try this next time you are at North Beach Fish Camp. Our menu is full of funky dishes and drinks that are going to pique your interest and your taste buds. If there is something on our menu that you have never tried, here is the new year’s resolution that is going to lead you to that dish or that drink.


Shop Local

There really is something to be said about shopping locally and giving back to the economy you thrive in. We believe in this same principle, which is why all of our seafood is from local waters. When you have the new year’s resolution of shopping locally, eating at North Beach Fish Camp is going to help you achieve this resolution. This is because everything we serve up comes from the same place.
New year’s resolutions can be challenging, but when you are able to match them up with things that you can enjoy, they become that much more attainable. We at North Beach Fish Camp believe that we can go a long way to really giving you the perfect dining experience, one that can help you relax, eat healthier, shop locally, and do so many other things your resolutions are probably trying to hit on. Happy new years and let the resolutions fly!

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