How to Cure a New Year’s Eve Hangover

First comes the eggnog and holiday punch, then comes the hard stuff! Once your holiday dinners and parties are done with, it’s time to put on your sequins or bowtie and head out for New Year’s Eve. Champagne may seem innocent enough, but the countdown to midnight and the endless glasses of bubbly may prove you otherwise! If you want to avoid a headache in the morning (or you’re already fighting a hangover), here’s your fix:


While you’re at the party:

  • Once you make the wise choice to drink champagne for the evening, leave liquor drinks out of the mix. Champs before liquor, never been sicker. Or something like that…
  • Plenty of research shows that limiting yourself to one alcoholic drink every hour will allow your body to properly metabolize the alcohol. So, you could avoid a hangover all together with this trick.
  • Resist the many temptations and avoid the sweets. Sugary champagne + sugary dessert is a recipe for a pretty intense hangover. Besides, it’s always more fun to drink your calories on New Year’s Eve.
  • Eat REAL food before and after the champagne starts flowing. A full stomach will slow down the alcohol absorption, which is key to preventing a hangover. (Hint, hint: stop into North Beach Fish Camp for a yummy meal to kick off the night.)
  • Occasionally squeeze in a glass of water between the countless glasses of bubbly. Trust us, it’s worth it.
  • Ditch the cigs. Not only will they overpower your great perfume or cologne, you’re guaranteed to have a far worse hangover because of them.
  • Give yourself a hand and take a couple ibuprofens before heading to bed. You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you aren’t experiencing a slamming headache.
  • Head to the dance floor and show off your moves! Not only will you impress your friends and sweat out the toxins, it’s a little less time you’ll have a drink in your hand! The less time you spend nursing a cocktail or flute of champagne, the less alcohol you’ll drink by the end of the night.


The morning after the wild night:

  • Hit the gym or go for a long walk, even though it may feel like the last thing you wanna do! The toxins from a night of drinking need to leave your body, and sweating is the fastest and best way to do it.
  • Once you get home from a nice sweat sesh, take a little nap. The only real cure is time, and there’s no way to make it go faster than by sleeping.
  • Take two more ibuprofens to get you through the morning. Your headache should begin to subside and you’ll start to feel more like your normal self. Win, win.
  • And while you’re at it, use a glass of OJ to take the medicine. Fructose has been known to help the body burn alcohol more quickly.
  • When you head to breakfast at your local greasy spoon, order the eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, which helps break down toxins in the body that cause headaches.


New Year’s Eve is the one night a year where drinking a full bottle (or two, we won’t judge) of champagne is acceptable. But with every glass of bubbly you drastically increase your chances of a bad hangover the morning after, so we hope we’ve given you some good advice to prevent it. Cheers to a wonderful, whirlwind 2016 and we can’t wait to see you at North Beach Fish Camp in 2017!


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