Is My Seafood Farmed?

We at the North Beach Fish Camp take a great deal of pride in every single meal that we serve to our guests. This is why when you eat from one of our plates, you are eating a piece of locally caught seafood. Whether it is a piece of fish, a shellfish, or something else, you know it came from local fishermen and local waters. This is not always the case with other restaurants though. You really need to be on your game to be sure that you are not eating what is known as farmed fish. There are a lot of negatives to farmed fish that make it something that you truly want to avoid. These are some steps that you can take on your own whether you are buying the seafood in a food store or you are buying seafood at a restaurant.


The Negative Side of Farmed Fish


Many people are going to ask what is so bad about eating farmed fish. What you may not realize though is that there are a lot of drawbacks to farmed fish, especially in the health department. Researchers have shown that farmed fish is just not as healthy as wild caught fish. This type of fish is going to lack a lot of the nutrients and such that come from wild caught seafood. On top of that, the taste is not always going to be the same. Since these fish were grown with the intent of becoming food, they were not able to go through the same lifecycle that wild seafood were able to go through. To put it simply, they are not naturally grown in the same way that a piece of fish that comes from the Atlantic Ocean is grown. These negative effects can really bring some drawbacks to consuming the fish.


Checking the Labels


When you are shopping for seafood in a market, the first thing that you are going to want to do is to check the label. There are going to be times when you see right on the label whether or not the seafood that you are buying is farmed or not. In the event that the label says farmed fish, stay away. If there is nothing on the label then you are going to run into more problems and have far more questions. A lacking amount of information can make it a challenge to know what you are buying and what you are eating.


Ask a Lot of Questions


In the event that there is nothing on the label about whether the fish is locally caught and wild or whether it is farmed, ask a lot of questions.  here is no shame in asking a restaurant that you are eating at or a food store about where the fish you want to buy actually came from. When you ask us at North Beach Fish Camp, we are proud to talk about where our seafood comes from. Everything that we cook up and serve is locally caught. This is not the case in all of the restaurants in the Jacksonville, FL area though. There are plenty that serve up farmed fish and many of the service staff may not even know. This is certainly going to be the case in the many chain restaurants in the area. The more that you ask, though, the more you are going to be aware of what you are actually eating.
Farmed fish is nothing to laugh about. When you are eating farmed fish you are losing out on many of the health benefits that consuming seafood brings to the table. On top of that, you are missing out on so much flavor, as well as not giving back to the local economy where the restaurant or food store is located. Enjoy what quality seafood is all about!

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