Springing into Seafood

Depending on the time of the year that you go to a seafood restaurant, the menu should look drastically different for that reason. It can be helpful to know of what type of seafood is in season in the month of March.


Fish Dishes Galore


The three most popular types of fish that are in season when you come to a seafood restaurant in March are going to include:

  • Sea bass, a fish that is the general name for a variety of species.  In the Eastern Waters it is the black sea bass that is going to be the most common.  It is also known as the genus centropristis.
  • Striper, also known as a striped bass, is found along the Atlantic coast of the U.S.  The history of this fish dates back to Colonial times.
  • Cod, the common name for the genus gadus species of fish.  It known as a type of fish that is more mild in taste, making it one of the more mainstream fishes out there.


When March rolls around, you are starting to get into the peak months and time of the year to explore these types of fish. Our chefs have come up with some amazing dishes for you to try.


Whether you want one of these types of fish prepared in a manner where it is fried, grilled, or baked, we are going to be able to satisfy whatever you are looking for. When we prepare these dishes, we try and stick to our roots to do so with the spirit of the southern flavors that we have all grown up to love.


Oysters and Scallops


There are plenty of other options of popular seafood in the month of March as well like sea scallops. Peak time for both of these is around April and May, but March is when you start to see them pop up more in popularity.


The same can be said for oysters, which is at its absolute peak in the month of March. If you want to relax, enjoy the great views, and have some of the best oysters around, North Beach Fish Camp is where you need to be.


There are all different types of seafood that are going to be in season depending on when you visit our restaurant.  When you have a better understanding of what is in season and what is not you are going to be able to take advantage of many of the specialty dishes that we will be creating.
Oysters, mussels, and sea scallops are hard to beat the way our chefs prepare them.  If a piece of fish is what you seek, sea bass, stripers, and cod are probably going to be the go to options that you are looking for.  Seafood is always in season, but depending on the time of the year, the variety of seafood that you are likely going to be lured to is going to fluctuate.

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