How To Take an Awesome Picture of Your Meal For Social Media

When you have the task of writing about food that you eat and restaurants that you visit on social media, you also probably want to do well at taking photographs of those meals. It takes some effort if you want to get that perfect photo of the food that you are staring at. Many people will spend more time trying to nail that perfect picture than they spend eating the food in the first place. While we don’t recommend that (because our food is awesome), these are some tips and things that you want to pay attention to so that you can end up with that ideal shot of the delicious meal staring at you.

Natural Light

You always want to use natural light when you are taking a picture of your meal for social media.  The natural light is what is going to bring out the best in the food. Try and take the picture when you are sitting outside or near a window. When you use the flash you are going to end up with a washed out picture that does not capture the meal the way that you want it captured.

Make the Dish Look Pretty

Do not be fearful of actually rearranging the plate of food that you have in front of you. Do you have some ugly smudges on your plate from the sauce? You can clean that stuff up so that you end up with the perfect picture. No meal is going to look as perfect as it does when the chef puts those finishing touches on, but that does not mean that you cannot beauty it up a tad to make it look more appealing for the shot.

Close and Personal

You want to get up close and personal with the food that you are taking a picture of for social media. We see this all of the time at the North Beach Fish Camp. Our guests are focusing right in to get that extremely close photograph of the food. This is going to really help you nail down those details. If it is the size of the meal you want to showcase though rather than the details, taking a step back before you take the photo may make more sense.

Focus on the Food

You want to be sure that the camera that you are using is going to be focusing on the food that is in front of you rather than something else around your plate. You want the item that you have, your food, to be in focus and everything else to be out of focus in the background. This can make your primary object, that delicious meal, really stand out more.

Tell the Tale

When you eat a delicious meal and post it to social media, there has to be a reason as to why you feel the need to get it online. Rave about the meal so that the world can know why this is worth posting about.

Taking a picture of your meal for social media can seem like a science all to itself. If you spend this much time focusing on how to take the perfect picture, imagine how much time we spend perfecting the taste and quality of our food. Come in to North Beach, take some pictures, have a great meal and share your experience with your friends.

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