Beer and Seafood Pairings

There’s nothing better on a hot Florida day than an icy beer and fresh seafood. Jacksonville is a hot spot for local breweries and the freshest seafood, and lucky for you, North Beach Fish Camp serves both! We hate to brag, but we serve some of the best seafood around and our amazing customers keep coming for a reason! We’re also proud to support many local breweries, although we do offer the typical favorites. To make your life a little easier, we’ve paired some of our crisp beers with our delicious entrees:

Entree: Baja Style Tacos with Cod, Salsa Fresca and Adobe Sour Cream

Beer Selection: Aggressive IPA or Pale Lager (with citrus)

The awesome thing about fish tacos, other than the fact that tacos are the best food on the planet, is that they pair well with practically all alcohol! That’s our kinda meal. The citrusy flavors of a pale lager will add a little sweetness to the meal, especially if you add a lime wedge (and of course you will, it’s basically a rule when you eat tacos). If you go the route of the “aggressively-hopped” IPA, it will bring out the Adobe and the spiciness of the salsa fresca.


Entree: Grilled Salmon with Horseradish Hollandaise, Steamed Spinach and Parsley Potatoes   

Beer Selection: Pale Ale or a Mild Brown Ale

The beer you pair with salmon completely depends on how the salmon is prepared. So in the case of our incredibly elegant grilled salmon, it’s smart to choose a pale or brown ale. Even though salmon is super healthy, it has a high content of good fats, and the malt of a pale ale cuts through the fat content and can go head-to-head with salmon’s unique texture. If the brown ale peaks your interest, the sweetness will contrast the char from the grill and brings out incredible flavors.


Entree: Fish Camp Shrimp and Creamy Grits with White Wine Butter Sauce

Beer Selection: Traditional Lager or a Golden Ale

The light, buttery flavor and unique texture of our yummy shrimp and grits calls for beer that balances the flavors but is light on the palette. That’s where the lagers come in. Whether you are into traditional lagers, or newer craft options, the pairing is seriously amazing. While you can never go wrong with enjoying a beer and seafood, enjoying it with a lager sounds pretty great, huh?


Entree: Blue Crab Cakes with Caper Dill Aioli and Choice of Side

Beer Selection: Light Beer or an IPA

Crab cakes are hard to pair because it totally depends on preference. The smart people in Maryland have been pairing blue crab cakes with a light beer since the beginning of time, so we’re not going to deny their crab wisdom and experienced Northern livers. But in the opinion of some North Floridian’s, the bold flavors of an IPA perfectly compliment the seasoning in our crab cakes. It’s hard to go wrong with big chunks of blue crab meat and any beer, honestly.


Entree: Broiled Seafood Platter with Parsley Lemon Butter, Parsley Potatoes and Steamed Vegetables

Beer Selection: Pilsner

The soft and out of this world flavors of our broiled seafood platter are just begging for a cold bottle of pilsner. A pilsner has a nice bitter flavor that perfectly brings out the herbs and citrus in the dish. Because the sides are so mild, the pilsner’s crisp, dry flavor will accentuate the meal without overpowering. Although, nothing else really matters besides having something cold next to you while you enjoy a seafood lover’s dream entree.

Even though these pairings are pretty specific, it’s REALLY hard to go wrong with good seafood and cold beer, trust us. And when you throw in the Atlantic Beach views and the cool ocean breeze, you’re practically in heaven. Is your mouth watering yet? The incredible menu at North Beach Fish Camp can take care of those cravings. Come and visit us!

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