How to Use Fresh Herbs in Your Cocktails this Season


There’s just something about sipping a cool, flavorful cocktail with the ocean breeze and crashing waves in the background. Lucky for you, this nice little scene can be enjoyed at the North Beach Fish Camp. We love experimenting with our cocktail list now and then, and one of our favorite ways to enhance our alcohol offerings is by adding some fresh herbs to the mix. Here are some great cocktails you may see pop up on our menu this summer, organized by herb:



The “king of herbs” is an absolute staple in any serious chef’s, or bartender’s, arsenal. The pungent sweetness of this plant is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of liquors.


Strawberry Basil Lemonade: It’s hard to go wrong with strawberry infused vodka, fresh squeezed lemonade, a mixture of sliced and pureed strawberries and, of course, basil. To get the full basil experience, muddle the basil with the vodka.


Pineapple Basil Twist: This tasty creation features gin, pineapple juice, soda water, fresh lime and basil. Basil goes incredibly great with sweet fruits if you haven’t picked up on that yet! Feel free to experiment with this refreshing cocktail, but we’ve found gin to perfectly fit with these fresh flavors.




This cool and slightly sweet herb is one of our favorites at North Beach Fish Camp. Mint perfectly enhances the smooth flavors of the alcohol it’s mixed with, with the flavors being even more enhanced by the right choice of fruit.


Mojito: It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with this traditional Cuban highball. Mojitos are simple, artistic and the perfect combination of flavors. Start with white rum and muddle a generous amount of mint. Mix with soda water, lime juice and a couple teaspoons of sugar. Voila! You’ve got yourself a traditional mojito.


Moscow Mule: The traditional vessel of this spicy cocktail, the copper mug, is having a big moment in the social media spotlight. But, we think what’s actually in the cup is far more Instagram-worthy. Pour a generous amount of ginger beer into the mug and mix with vodka, lime juice and fresh mint. Serve it on the rocks and garnish with a slice of lime and a couple sprigs of mint.




Although this is a far less traditional herb for cocktails, we appreciate its unique flavors all the same. Rosemary looks very similar to pine needles but packs a fragrant and distinguishable flavor.


Rosemary Gin Fizz: This one’s a bit more complicated to create but well worth it! Start by making a simple syrup on the stove, then remove from heat and steep with a few rosemary sprigs for an hour. Combine your delicious rosemary simple syrup with lemon juice, gin and soda water.


Rosemary Greyhound: Make that same simple syrup you whipped up for the gin fizz then combine with grapefruit juice and vodka. It’s a simple, delicious cocktail that can only be made better with a simple sprig of rosemary for a garnish.


We’ve just given you six irresistible reasons to stop by North Beach Fish Camp a few times this summer. In fact, pop into any of the Fish Camps around Jacksonville for a crisp summer cocktail (with a view, of course.) Our incredibly talented bartenders love experimenting with fresh, seasonal fruits and herbs. Ask about our daily herb selection next time you visit the Fish Camp, we can’t wait to create a yummy cocktail for you!


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