5 Cocktails that Won’t Expand the Waistline

There’s nothing worse than going out with the girls after work, or snagging a second date with a great woman, and having to worry about the cocktail you order ruining your summer diet. If you’re afraid of your jeans becoming just a little too tight, here are a few tips to finding just the right drinks that won’t expand the waistline or have to make you hit the gym a little harder this weekend.


Tequila is your friend: I know you’re probably thinking, how can tequila be healthy? Well compared to beer it has fewer calories, and if you skip the mixers loaded with sugars, this might be your new go-to! It might even make your clothes fall right off (from all the weight you’re losing, of course)! Skip the traditional margarita and get a little bit of lime juice and fresh flavors.

From North Beach Fish Camp, try the Hot Mama – Patron Silver, jalapeno, cilantro, cucumber, agave nectar and lime juice.


Gin is a go-to: Generally, clear liquors are going to be the best drinks when watching calories and sugar. Usually mixed with lemonade or soda water, along with some cucumber, mint, or lime, can make a lower calorie cocktail packed with refreshing flavors.

Next time you’re dining (or just drinking) with us, order the Fish Camp Pimm’s Cup, made with St. Augustine Gin, Pimm’s Cup #1, fresh mint and cucumber and a touch of sprite or try the Hang Thyme with St. Augustine Vodka, Limeade, and Thyme Sprig.


Stick with the classics: Although whiskey might not be for everyone, the classic Manhattan wouldn’t have stuck around for so long if it wasn’t so good. It may not be low cal, but whiskey has loads of antioxidants that are beneficial to your health, even more so than a glass of red wine. As well, vermouth is lower in alcohol and easier on the digestive tract than most other liquors, making for a much better cocktail mixer.

The North Beach Fish Camp makes a great Manhattan and sticks with the classic recipe. Try out the Manhattan made with High West Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Aromatic Bitters, and topped with a cherry.


Finally, always keep it simple: The fewer ingredients adding more sugar and calories, the better off you are. A vodka lime soda, mimosa or even a sangria or red wine are great when trying to watch calories. Fresh fruits or herbs complement a cocktail perfectly and can add natural sugars and sweetness. If you’re making drinks at home, try a mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice, your favorite champagne and leave a little room for some tonic water. This will add more bubbles and fewer calories to a brunch favorite.

If you’re looking for something fruity when you stop by, try the Red or White Sangria. A refreshing mix of wine and fresh fruits are basically getting all your servings of fruit while drinking, right?


Remember, if you’re looking to have some cocktails but don’t want to worry about expanding your waistline, stick to clear, simple classics. North Beach Fish Camp has all of your cocktail favorites and can change almost any drink to make it “skinny”. Cheers to that!


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