12 Secrets to Hosting the Holidays Stress-Free

Thanks to the holiday season being in full swing, you’re probably going crazy with the length of your to-do list! With a packed social calendar and out of town guests taking over your house, it may seem impossible at times to be the perfect host. But hey, we’ve got you covered. Follow these 12 tips for stress-free hosting and your guests will think you have little elves running around doing your work!

Make a List and Check it Twice: Keep a running list or planner of all the things you need to get done and prioritize it. Keep it in your purse and be sure to write down grocery lists, recipes, gift lists and all your upcoming events. This will keep you on track when shopping, cooking and socializing.

Cook Ahead of time: Do as much prepping as you can ahead of time, and throw things like soups and quiches in the freezer until you need them. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed the day before the party and will just need to heat some things up the day of.

Keep it Comfy: Comfort foods are key for the holidays! Don’t go crazy and get fancy, keep it simple and stick to what you know. This will make your guests also feel at home.

Don’t Go All Out on Decorations: Stick to your tree, a wreath on the front door and some winter candles. Don’t stress yourself out with the tedious task of stringing Christmas lights. If you’re looking for a bit more decor, fill some glass bowls or jars with extra ball ornaments for a simple and festive centerpiece.

Just Tidy Up: Don’t stress about keeping your house in tip-top shape, especially with so many people in and out. Throw any clutter into a closet or extra room and just shut the door. Sure, it’s a temporary fix, but it gets the job done!

Do it Your Way: Just because grandma used to do things a certain way, doesn’t mean you can’t tweak tradition and make it your own. You’re the host, so you do what’s easiest for you and we’re sure everyone will follow suit.

Self-Serve: Set up a cocktail bar and set out any other drinks (soda, beer, coffee) where guests can help themselves. This way, you can mingle around your party instead of making sure everyone is taken care of. The same goes with food. Leave appetizers out and allow guests to serve themselves buffet style.

Help Yourself: Make sure you get some food, and especially a drink! Keep your energy and spirits up so you can be the hostess with the mostess.

Mood lighting: Keep the gathering fun and relaxed with some dim lights and candles. This adds to the décor and ambiance of the party without having to spend a pretty penny on additional decor.

Know what to DIY and What to Buy: Some things you see on Pinterest and you know you could totally make it…but at what cost? Figure out what decorations are worth the time and money to make yourself, and what you should just drop the money on and buy.

Easy Cleaning: Set yourself up for an easy night of cleaning with a little prep ahead of time. Add some extra garbage cans around the house, and use nice plastic instead of your nice dishes.

Take Out: If you really want to keep the holidays stress free, come to The North Beach Fish Camp for all of your holiday food needs! Grab enough take out to cater to all of your guests, and let us take care of the cooking.


Recommended menu items:


Spicy Pimento Cheese Spread


Roasted Beet Salad


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Assortment of Fried Dinner Platters


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