Winter Cocktails You Have to Try

After a long day of work and a freezing walk to your car, there’s just nothing better than a warming cocktail. Ok, it certainly helps if that cocktail has a generous pour of liquor! Our bartenders at North Beach Fish Camp will hook you up with the perfect drink to get you through this chilly Florida winter. Here are a few of our favorites during this time of year:


Bourbon Bliss


Around here we believe there’s no better way to warm up in the winter than with a smooth glass of bourbon. The citrus and brown sugar rim make this classic cocktail that much more enticing.


Specifics: Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Brown Sugar Simple Syrup, Orange Bitters, Benedictine


Red Sangria


Hot tea? No thanks, we’ll take a glass (or two…) of this instead! It just doesn’t get better than fresh Florida citrus soaked in our incredibly delicious sangria mixture. When that pitcher’s empty, don’t hesitate to eat that yummy fruit!


We also offer a white sangria alternative, but there’s just something special about red wine and chilly temperatures.


Old Fashioned


It doesn’t get more classic than this age-old favorite. The Old Fashioned dates back to the days before Abe Lincoln was president, and it’s stuck around so long for good reason. We serve ours exactly how it should be served, in a short glass with all the standard fixins. But just because we make it the right way doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, our Old Fashioned is anything but boring. Stop into Palm Valley Fish Camp to see for yourself.


Specifics: High West Rye, Orange Bitters, Brown Sugar, Cherry and Orange




Another whiskey cocktail to warm the soul. It’s one of the oldest and finest cocktail recipes in America, which is exactly why it holds a spot on our specialty cocktail list. If you’ve never had a Manhattan, brace yourself for a cocktail that requires slow, sumptuous sips. A cocktail like this is meant to be savored (the crashing waves in the background are just an added bonus.)


Pro Tip – that cherry lingering on the bottom of the glass is full of the good stuff. Don’t let it go to waste.


Specifics: High West Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Aromatic Bitters, Cherry


If spirits aren’t your speed, North Beach Fish Camp has an awesome beer and wine list to satisfy any palette. From IPAs to buttery chardonnays, our bar is stocked with exactly what our customers love. Bring your appetite and stop into North Beach Fish Camp for your next happy hour. We’re excited to see you!

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