How to Pair Dinner with Dessert

Pairing dessert with seafood can be tricky. Everyone talks about dinner and drink pairings, but you’re left completely lost when it comes to the dessert course. Fish with bread pudding? Sounds iffy, tastes amazing. A great ending to a yummy meal is key to a well-rounded dining experience. Here are some great things to remember when you craft your courses:

Pair with Pasta

This might not be scientific, but we believe a heavy dish like pasta should be followed by something light. Most of the time, people don’t save room for a big dessert after they just devoured a generous serving of pasta, so you can’t go wrong a yummy scoop of refreshing ice cream.

Dinner we recommend to accompany your vanilla ice cream: Spicy Seafood Linguini with Garlic, Tomato and Parsley


Flavors for Fish

We’re talking grilled, roasted or seared that leaves a little room for a delicious dessert. If you have a major sweet tooth, like us, this is music to your ears! Seafood dishes, depending on the side dishes and preparation, tend to be on the lighter side. Obviously, you need to make up for that healthy dinner with an indulgent dessert, such as our signature white chocolate bread pudding. Trust us, we aren’t judging.

Dinner we recommend to accompany your signature white chocolate bread pudding: Grilled Salmon with Horseradish Hollandaise, Steamed Spinach and Parsley Potatoes OR Broiled Seafood Platter with Parsley Lemon Butter, Parsley Potatoes and Steamed Vegetables


Sweets for Steak

Mmmm, there’s never a bad time for a nice cut of meat. Although North Beach Fish Camp is famous for fresh seafood and great cocktails, we know a thing or two about preparing a good steak. What’s the best way to finish a perfectly cooked steak? With a sweet and salty chocolate torte, of course! We believe the perfect dinner consists of red wine, steak and chocolate. Want proof? Stop in and you’ll see for yourself.

Dinner we recommend to accompany your sweet and salty chocolate torte: Top Sirloin Steak

with Brandy Peppercorn Demi, Mixed Greens and Fries OR Daily Chef’s Steak


Savory with Southern Dishes

Here in the south, we can’t say no to a classic southern dish. Our mamas would be proud. The best way to round out a southern dinner is with a southern dessert, of course. If you think there’s such thing as a light meal when it comes to southern cooking, bless your heart. We think a slice of key lime pie is the perfect way to finish your dinner, regardless of what you order for your main course.

Dinner we recommend to accompany your key lime pie: Buttermilk Pan Fried Chicken with Grits, Collard Greens and Tasso Ham Gravy


It’s all about complementary flavor profiles, but do you want to know the truth? You really can’t go wrong with chocolate, so that’s always a safe bet. But lucky for you, North Beach Fish Camp has all of the entrees and desserts we listed, and then some! We’ve created appetizer, entree and dessert menus to satisfy any palate, even the pickiest of eaters. We can’t wait for you to stopinto one of the Fish Camps to try out our yummy dessert menu! 

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