Here’s How to Celebrate Memorial Day the Right Way

Memorial Day is more than an excuse to take a day off and throw the first BBQ or pool party of summer. It’s a patriotic holiday for honoring those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Of course this is a great day to spend with family and friends but it’s crucial to remember the real reason of your day off. We’ve put together a few ways to celebrate Memorial Day, both patriotic and family fun. Whichever you end up doing, ensure you show your appreciation for a vet in one way or another! Here are our suggestions:


Say Thanks

If you see a vet out and about, don’t be shy! Let them know you appreciate their service and honor their bravery. If you’re feeling gracious, offer to buy a vet’s drinks or dinner. A small gesture goes a long way. This is an amazing way to show your kids or others how to show respect to those who have made so many sacrifices for our country.


Visit the Cemetery

Visit the grave of a deceased veteran you know, maybe even put a flag or flowers at the headstone. If you can’t make it to the cemetery, take a moment to think of the person. Look at their picture, reread their letters or reflect on what this veteran meant to you. If you’re wondering how to celebrate Memorial Day, this is the best place to start.


Observe the National Moment of Remembrance

At 3:00 PM, take a few minutes to pause quietly and reflect on the service of our fallen soldiers. Remember those who have lost their lives for our country and encourage others around you to observe the national moment of remembrance as well.


Dinner & Drinks

Enjoy your day off relaxing on the beach then roll into North Beach Fish Camp for a delicious dinner and cocktails just steps away from Neptune Beach. There’s nothing better than ending a long beach day with some yummy seafood and cocktails. And hey, we don’t judge if you’re sandy!   


Boat Day

There’s nothing like spending a day with the family out on the water! While everyone has the day off, take advantage. Boat days are relaxing, great family bonding and the weather is always perfect at this time of year. Just remember to observe boating safety precautions such as using life jackets, don’t lean over the edge, don’t boat in storms, etc. Last thing you want is someone getting injured on the boat.


We’re so thankful for the men and women who’ve lost their lives for our freedom. Show respect but don’t forget to enjoy the unofficial start of summer. You can’t go wrong by visiting us at North Beach Fish Camp for some tasty seafood and cocktails. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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