3 of the Best Seafood Boil Flavors to Try this Summer


You’ve probably heard people refer to a seafood boil as “Low-Country.” That name simply refers to the unique flavor profiles of this popular dish. People even throw parties centered around these deliciously deep buckets of seafood, potatoes, veggies and spices. The proper way to enjoy this dish is to get your hands dirty. More specifically, dump the dish all over a newspaper-covered table and pick out the best looking pieces with your hands. Drench each ingredient in butter and dig in! A summer evening with seafood and coastal bold flavors will be sure to not disappoint. Here’s a guide to a few traditional seafood boil flavors to try this summer:


Louisiana Seafood Boil

Louisiana flavors are sure to pack a punch. The best seafood to compliment these spices include a bunch of blue crabs, shrimp and crawfish (or mudbugs, as we like to call them down South). Don’t forget to throw in some veggies. We recommend halved-husks of corn, celery, thick onions slices and red skin potatoes. Throw all of that in a big five-gallon pot with some creole seasonings like cayenne pepper, because this a Louisiana recipe. These flavors will definitely bring your guests back to the newspaper-covered table for more and more!


New England Seafood Boil

The North is all about their lobsta’, especially in this classic dish. Although, the ingredient list isn’t strictly reserved to lobster. Try throwing in some crab legs, sausage, shrimp and clams! Add some produce in the mix with white onion, corn and red potatoes. To compliment these top-notch seafood and produce items, season your boil with spices like thyme, old bay, parsley, lemon and white wine. That’s right, this is a drunken pot of seafood for the best kind of summer party.


Low-Country Seafood Boil

Last but certainly not least, a Jacksonville favorite, the Low-Country boil. This Southern staple always includes loads and loads of shrimp. It’s up to you whether you want to peel the shrimp ahead of time or let your guests interact with their food and peel it themselves. Along with the shrimp, consider adding corn, onion, lemon, red skin potatoes and kielbasa sausage. This dish won’t disappoint, especially when you add a whole bunch of seasoning. Our favorites are old bay, salt and pepper to keep it classic.


Whichever boil type you choose, serve it with condiments that showcase your flavors. We like to use fresh lemon slices, melted butter and hot sauce. Include some seafood staples, too, such as tartar and cocktail sauce. All of these options for flavor are good year-round here in the warm Jacksonville weather. Try switching it up a little in the non-summer months with seasonal seafood and produce. A seafood boil is a party favorite, so it shouldn’t be limited to just one season. Keep the party going this summer and all year with an awesome seafood boil. Feast properly this summer, and call North Beach Fish Camp if you’re looking for any suggestions!


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