Oyster-Eating Tips to Keep it Classy this Holiday

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People don’t judge the way you eat oysters, but they also don’t not judge. Between the countless holiday parties you’ll attend between now and the new year, you’re guaranteed to see oysters prominently featured on the food spread. Whether you eat ’em raw or covered in garlic and bread crumbs, we’re here to help you save face this holiday with a few expert tips:


Skip the Sauces

Your first sample should be a pure, unadulterated oyster. Ease into the cocktail sauce and lemon juice so you can get a feel for your flavor preferences. Whatever your condiment of choice, use it conservatively. When you mask the flavor, you miss the point.

Take it Slow

An oyster’s flavor profile comes down to two main factors: salt and size. If you’re new to the shellfish game, start small. Don’t be afraid to order your oysters by size (small, medium, large) and specify to your server whether you prefer mild or salty. If you don’t know, try one of each! When you visit us at North Beach Fish Camp or one of our other seafood-focused restaurants, you’ll be in good hands with a knowledge waiter or waitress.


The Fork is Your Friend
That little fork at your place setting is your golden ticket to digging into every crevice of the oyster. That meat is too good to miss! While you may need to throw some muscle into it, getting every bit of meat from the shell is totally worth it. Slurp ‘em up then sit ‘em down, because you’re in for a treat! Keep it classy and place the oyster face down on your plate or the salt rock platter to indicate you’re finished.

Talk the Talk
Believe it or not, oyster etiquette is a real thing. With a little help from us, you’ll go neck and neck with the experts with just a few simple buzzwords: chewy, firm, soft, gooey (remember, size isn’t a proper description). Use these words to describe taste: sweet, buttery, melon, copper, metallic, salty, briny.


Eat it How You Please
While there may be a faux pas or two when it comes to eating oyster, there are really no rules. In our opinion, slurping down the oyster without taking a minute to chew defeats the opportunity to enjoy the delicacy. Yet, to each their own.


Sip While You Slurp
This is arguably the most important tip on this list! Whether you fancy beer or wine, there are a few drinks that pair perfectly with oysters. If you prefer wine, pair a light and crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Riesling. Of course, champagne takes the cake when it comes to oyster and alcohol pairings. On the other hand, beer pairs quite well with oysters. A Belgian ale or light lager will get the job done.


One of the North Beach Fish Camp favorites is the Broiled Oysters with Horseradish Bacon Cream. Kick your New Year’s Eve celebrations into gear with the oyster appetizer and a glass or two of champagne. We look forward to eating our way into 2019 with you!


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