3 Tasty Fish You’ve Probably Never Tasted

Jan 21, 2021 | Food

We’ve all had our fair share of Mahi, Salmon and Tilapia. Today, the North Beach Fish Camp crew is challenging you to kick it up a notch. Take your seafood cravings to a whole new level with some more exclusive, exciting fish options. Whether you’re a picky eater or open to anything, we have a few fun choices to try in 2021


This one is a delicacy that must be treated with care. If you travel to exciting spots like the Virgin Islands, you’ll likely see lionfish grace the page of their menus. Along with being utterly delicious, lionfish is also an eco-conscious food choice. Lowering the amount of this species in our waters helps protect coral reefs and other fish populations. 

While most seafood is good for you, lionfish offers specific health benefits you just can’t beat. It offers impressive levels of Omega 3 acids for your heart health and is low in saturated fats. Win, win. 

Swordfish Steak

This is pretty much the perfect dining option for people who gravitate toward heartier proteins. If you typically order a juicy filet of beef, be kind to your body and sample the swordfish instead. Grilled swordfish is a delicacy that graces the menu of many high end restaurants. If you can get your hands on a filet from your local fish monger, take care to prepare it juuuust right. 

The heartiness of this protein pairs well with citrus, mango and pineapple. Complete your plate with a healthy grain, tropical chutney and a roasted vegetable. You just can’t go wrong with this killer combination.

Salmon Roe

Food connoisseurs consider salmon roe the distant relative of caviar. These little beads add immense flavor to sushi, garnishes and sauces. How do you harvest them, exactly? Most salmon have two egg sacks that are safe to harvest once the fish is dead. Strain the eggs through a cheesecloth to separate them from the membrane. Wash, re-filter then cure in a salt bath. 

Be sure to keep the roe cold. Warm or cooked roe is inedible. If you’d like to turn your roe into caviar, simply age it in soy sauce for various lengths of time. We have no doubt you’ll love the bold, unique flavors of salmon roe. 

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